[VOTE] ⭐ ⭐ BEST OF KPOP 2020 ⭐ ⭐ ROUND 1


I made two questions and three polls for you to answer!

1.- Best 2020 song.- as it says, the best song released this year in your opinion
2.- Best collaboration.- duos, featurings, etc
3.- Best Female / Girl Group Song (poll).- your favorite song from Girl Group or Female Artist
4.- Best Male / Boy Group Song (poll).- your favorite song from Boy Group or Male Artist
5.- Best Debut(poll).- which rookie group song is the est in your opinion

You can only vote for five songs from each categorie
There is REALLY LONG LIST of songs for the GG and BG category, so just use ctrl+f if you want to search for your choice
I also added a “other” option in case I didn’t include your favorite song, since I know I missed something 😛
This is Round 1, Round 2 will be the final selection including all the songs that were voted in this one

That being said, happy voting! And also, Happy Holidays!!

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