Wondering which are the top kpop artists in korea right now? Keep reading ^^

This are the best kpop girl groups, boy groups, co-ed, and solos right now **in KOREA, NOT INTERNATIONAL**

Based on Melon Artists Chart on 21.08.17

#10 더보이즈 (THE BOYZ)

They released not long ago their 6th Mini Album, [THRILL-ING]

#09 오마이걸 (OH MY GIRL)

Dun Dun Dance is still strong and their top 1 at the moment, but another song that is still doing very well in charts is their 2020 side track Dolphin, which is doing better than their title for that album, Nonstop

#08 Justin Bieber

Peaches is doing SOOO WELL in Korea, is crazy

#07 태연 (TAEYEON)

Weekend by Taeyeon has become one of the kpop 2021 summer must listen songs

#06 AKMU (악뮤)

With a different sound, their lastest album, NEXT EPISODE, did extremelly well

#05 이무진(Lee Mujin)

The owner of the number 1 song in Korea right now

#04 임영웅(Lim Young Woong)

If you dont know him, he is a trot singer, his latest song is 별빛 같은 나의 사랑아(My Starry love) but his currently number one song right now is a 2020 release, 이제 나만 믿어요(Trust In Me)

#03 아이유(IU)

With LILAC as her lastest release and her TOP 1 at the moment, she currently has 7 songs trending melon HOT 100: Lilac, Celebrity, 내 손을 잡아(Hold My Hand), 어푸 (Ah puh), Blueming, 에잇(eight) and Coin

#02 방탄소년단(BTS)

If IU is the Queen hit maker, BTS are the Kings, with a total of 7 songs in melon HOT 100: Permission to Dance, Butter, Dynamite, Savage Love(BTS REMIX), 작은 것들을 위한 시(Boy With Luv), 봄날 (Spring Day) and Life Goes On and ALL are in the top 50

#01 Red Velvet (레드벨벳)

With lastest mini album, Queendom, they have just reached the number 1 spot. Queendom its their 6th Mini Album, the title is Queendom and other songs from the album that are also trending are Pose and Knock On Wood

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