R&B/Urban/Indie June 2016


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Song list

0:00 Yerin Baek (백예린) “Bye bye my blue”
3:20 치즈 (CHEEZE) – 어떻게 생각해 (How Do You Think)
6:44 베이빌론 (Babylon) – 처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐 (Crush on you) Feat. 릴보이 (Lil Boi)
10:23 애즈원 (As One) – 아무 말 안해도 돼 (Don’t Say Anything)
13:31 TAEYEON 태연_Starlight (Feat. DEAN)
17:15 Kim JoHan (김조한) _ Y.O.U (Feat. Park Kyung (박경) of Block B(블락비))
21:03 데이브레이크 (DAYBREAK) – 꽃길만 걷게 해줄게
24:50 타린 (Tarin) – 단 한사람 (Only One Person)
27:38 Fromm(프롬) _ Our Sparkling Beginning(반짝이던 안녕)
32:07 TIFFANY 티파니_Heartbreak Hotel (Feat. Simon Dominic)_
36:31 Jung Key(정키) _ I don’t want(바라지 않아) (Feat. So Jung(소정) of LADIES’ CODE (레이디스 코드))
40:16 애즈원(As One) _ 아픈건 좀 어때 (The Pain I Caused)
44:22 배수정 Sophia Pae – Over You
47:59 Seenroot( 신현희와김루트) _ He and Me (그 와 나)
51:21 바버렛츠 (The Barberettes) – Time 2 Love (feat. Marty Friedman)
55:48 10cm (십센치) – 니가 참 좋아 (I Like You)
59:08 GAIN(가인), MINSEO(민서) _ IMI ONEUN SORI(임이 오는 소리)
01:03:17 이진아 LEE JIN AH – 배불러 I’M FUL
01:06:37 Rose(로즈) _ Coffee (Remasterd)
01:10:28 Hoody (후디) – Like You
01:13:59 Nieah (니아) – No Way (Feat. Kamo)
01:17:37 WHEESUNG (휘성) – HOLD OVER (제껴) (Feat. LE of EXID)

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