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0:00 Don’t Come Back feat. Junhyung
3:31 Shut Up & Groove feat. Dean
6:47 Don’t Make Money feat. Chanyeol
10:01 The Club Has Gotten A Bit
13:12 Dark Clouds feat. Nafla
15:57 Pume Sweet Pume
19:20 I Got To Know
22:43 Don’t Know You
25:49 After I’ve Wandered A Bit feat. Crucial Star
29:23 Underwater
32:26 Chen, Heize, Vibe – Lil’ Something
35:44 Groovy Roo,. Heize, Jay Park – Sunday
38:45 Me, MySelf & I feat. Jessi, Wheesung (prod by Verbal Jint)
41:57 And July feat. DEAN, DJ Friz
45:39 My Boyfriend Says Thank You
49:03 Star
52:37 You, Clouds, Rain feat. Shin Yong Jae)

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