2022 Kpop New Releases vol 01

This is a new post series I’m starting to keep you all updated since I stopped doing playlists, so even when it says vol 01, since I’m starting with April’s 2022 New Releases this is not the start of 2022

I’m also doing a month recap, and for that I will also post the previous 2022 months, I will update it when I have time.

That being said, here you have April’s 2022 New releases so far ^^

SEVENTEEN – Darl+ing

하이큐티(HI CUTIE) – 서커스(CIRCUS)


태용 (TAEYONG), 원슈타인 (Wonstein) – Love Theory

JUST B (저스트비) – RE=LOAD

딘딘 (DINDIN) – Lollipop

Ha Sungwoon – LA LA POP!

V.O.S, 이예준 – 다시 만날까 봐

제시 (Jessi) – ZOOM

박현진(Park Hyeon Jin) – Late night (Feat. Hoody)

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) – MAISON

김필 (Kim Feel) – 봄밤 (Spring Night)

DKZ – 사랑도둑 (Cupid)

BE’O (비오) – LOVE me

권은비(Kwon Eun Bi) – Glitch

아일리원 (ILY:1) – 사랑아 피어라 (Love in Bloom)


Mark Tuan – save me

GHOST9 (고스트나인) – X-Ray

EPEX (이펙스) – 학원歌 (Anthem of Teen Spirit)

온유 (ONEW) – DICE

선우정아(swja) – 터트려 (Burst it all)

초아(ChoA) – Yesterday

수호 (SUHO) – Grey Suit

BIGBANG – 봄여름가을겨울 (Still Life)

데이브레이크 (DAYBREAK), LUCY – Oh-eh

홍진영 (Hong Jinyoung) – 비바 라 비다 (Viva La Vida)

미란이 (Mirani) – Pick up your phone

차메인 (ChaMane) – 가 임마

Azer – Trouble

YuA (한유아) – I Like That

김나영 – 너의 번호를 누르고

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