NCT DREAM Music Collection | 엔시티드림 노래 모음 (2016-2020)


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Song list

Didnt include: english songs, collabs, christmas songs

0:00 We Go Up

2:59 마지막첫사랑 (My First And Last)

6:21 사랑이 좀 어려워 (Bye My First…)

9:39 사랑은 또다시 (Love Again)

13:07 1, 2, 3

16:05 Dream Run

19:46 My Page

23:28 Ridin’


30:12 Dear DREAM

33:22내게 말해줘 (7 Days)

36:34 We Young

40:15덩크슛 (Dunk Shot)

44:04 119

48:03 Quiet Down

51:08 GO

54:30 Chewing Gum

57:47 La La Love

01:00:46 너와 나 (Beautiful Time)

01:04:06 너의 자리 (Puzzle Piece)

01:07:50 같은 시간 같은 자리 (Walk you home)

01:10:42 사랑한단 뜻이야 (Candle Light)

01:14:39 Best Friend

01:17:52 Trigger the fever

01:21:13 Drippin`

01:24:28 BOOM

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