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Just like the title, at the 0:00 second this song made a BOOM to me, its probably my favorite of the year.

3:13 EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – 봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat)

I wouldn’t be able to count how many times I have danced to the chorus

7:02 CLC – ME(美)

This song is in one of those categories where I think is not the best, but I listened to it a lot, and in this case it was all because Yeeun’s rap

10:11김우성 (WooSung) – FACE

His voice… omg!

13:35이하이(LEE HI) – 누구 없소 (NO ONE) (Feat. B.I of iKON)

Lee Hi comeback did not disappointed me at all, I thought she was doing a ballad so this song really surprised me, such a shame that all the B.I’s drama happened

16:47 태연 (TAEYEON) – 사계 (Four Seasons)

Master piece

19:53 BLACKPINK – Don’t Know What To Do

I really didn’t enjoy Kill This Love that much, I prefer Blacpink’s releases from 2016-2017, but this side track was all year along in my playlist

23:10 설리 (SULLI) – 고블린 (Goblin)

Every year I became weirdly obsessed with a song, and this year, it was this one, I even wanted to make a playlist with similar songs but there wasn’t enough :P

26:20 현아(HyunA) – FLOWER SHOWER

It seems people like more the edgy Hyuna, buy this is my favorite song from her since Red

29:29 ATEEZ(에이티즈) – Say My Name

Ateez had a great year, this song was awesome, wave was awesome, wonderland was awesome, I really hope they have a great future!

33:06 화사(Hwa Sa) – 멍청이(twit)

I LOOOOVED this song, I think it fits her so well and she did great

36:14 TWICE(트와이스) – FANCY

It always take me some time to love Twice’s releases, I don’t love the song at the first listen, but then I’m jamming to them al year, Fancy wasn’t like that, It was love at first sight

39:45 ITZY(있지) – 달라달라(DALLA DALLA)

I didn’t like this song, the first listen, neither the second, or the fifth time, but I don’t know what kind of magic it was that I realized I was always listening to it :O Also, in my opinion Itzy’s perfomances were one of the best at this end year awards

43:03 태연 (TAEYEON) – 불티 (Spark)

Of course, another MASTER PIECE

46:37 세븐틴(Seventeen) – Good to Me

I actually think they have another releases better that this one, Hit and Fear are amazing, but this one was the song I listened the most

49:44 이기광(LEEGIKWANG) – Nothing

I was really into this song… don’t know why

52:57 에일리(Ailee) – Room Shaker

Ailee whatttttttttttt :O this one is in my top 5 most listened this year for sure hahaha

56:10 EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – Adios

I don’t care if its like they were copying blackpink and the chorus soung like I’m an Albatroz, this song is a BOOPPPP hahaha

59:18 EXO – Obsession

EXO always manages to make a different comeback and Obsession wasn’t an exception. You may think I didn’t have time to overplay this song because it came out a little time ago but yes, I did! ahhaha

01:02:40 아이들((G)I-DLE) – LION [QUEENDOM]

I would have love this to be a proper comeback, I didn’t liked their releases this year but pfff this song was so in repeat when it came out


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