Red Velvet Summer Songs 🍉🍍🍌🥝🍑 레드벨벳 여름 노래


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Lets power up! I hope you enjoy this playlist which was totally done in the spur of the moment lol, I don’t know if you have noticed, but that I’m really picky when choosing songs for a playlist, for this one, I picked Red Velvet’s songs with summery feeling, not only the ones in their summer albums, which its maybe a bit personal in some songs, but I actually think it came out pretty nice!. 

I want to add that this is not an “upbeat red velvet playlist” that’s why you wont see some songs like Dumb Dumb and Rookie, since they didnt give me that summer vibe, the same happened with a song from their new album, Mosquito, which tends more to the hip-hop rap side.

Youtube Playlist

Song list

0:00 Red Flavor 빨간 맛

3:05 Hith That Drum

6:17 Happiness 행복

9:55 Zoo

13:15 Mr. E

16:52 Lucky Girl

20:15 All Right

23:57 Russian Roulette 러시안 룰렛

27:26 여름빛 (Mojito)

30:28 Cool World

34:32 한 여름의 크리스마스 (With You)

37:59 Fool

41:52 환생 (Rebirth)

45:23 Blue Lemonade

48:35 바다가 들려 (Hear The Sea)

51:51 Ice Cream Cake

55:02 Talk To Me

58:34 봐 (Look)

01:02:36 Power Up

01:05:57 Red Dress

01:08:57 Sunny Afternoon

01:12:57 You Better Know


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