Kpop Playlists is back!… kinda

Before going to the main point, I want to make a quick summary about the situation.

1) I created a Kpop Playlists channel in 2016 that was suspended at the beggining of 2017 due to copyrights because of uploading OST songs 2) that year, in february, I created the channel again, it was hard to get people to know me again, but I achieved my goal, and even went better 3) the second channel was also suspended but this time, it was because of the first channel because the two of them were on the same account, so they suspended all the related channels 4) Youtube wont bring my channel back, so…here we are, starting again.

I have to say thanks everyone for your words, without that, I wont be doing this a third time, because even when I love making playlists, the fact that they suspended my second channel because of the first one more than a year later… really upsets me… I think you can imagine right?

Now, I need all your help, so I can reach all the suscribers of my previous channel, if you can share the videos whenever you can I will really really appreciate it!

I have been thinking of making some playlist to attract people, one of them will be a weekly series of new entries on digital charts, something like the TOP 25 monthly playlist, but weekly, the order will be random tho. It will be a simple video, without the artist name and song title to make it faster since it will be weekly, I’ll give you more details when I make the first one.

Thanks everyone!!!


2 comentarios en “Kpop Playlists is back!… kinda

  1. If you create a new youtube channel, you could only put in the description the link for the playlist in your blog. Then the viewers can listen to your playlists and there’s not chance of yoir channel get deleged again. I missed yoir playlist so i googled for the name of the channel and finded your blog. This made me very happy. Sorry for my bad english, i don’t even know if you’ll understand what i mean. Thank you for making these playlists for us!!

    Me gusta

    1. Hi! First things first, thank you for your comment ^^ I don’t worry, I understood you perfectly! The first time I got my channel deleted I tried making a short video with a preview of some songs and then I added the link to the audio here, but it seems that way the playlists doesn’t get much attention, so I started uploading the full playlists again.
      For now, I’ll do as before, actually, the channel was canceled not because of something I made now but because it was on the same google account as the first one….really unlucky :( but well…If I have this web I don’t care “that much” about youtube.
      By the way, it makes me reeeeeeally happy you found me searching in google! Hahahha. It worked! :P
      Don’t forget to also subscribe to the new youtube channel, where I make live streaming sometimes ^^
      And again, thank you so much!

      Me gusta


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