Current situation


Hello! I thought about giving you a little “update” and also telling you what I have been thinking about the channel

I’m still waiting for youtube to reply my appeal, I sent it on 28th February, and I have read they can last until 1 month… luckily they answer before.

When they answer, If I have luck and they bring my channel back (pls pls pls I hope so!) I will upload all the playlist since the February 2018 Mix, that will be:

  • February 2018 Mix
  • Kpop 2018 Dance Mix #02
  • Top 25 Songs February 2018 Mix
  • Kpop 2018 Hip/Hop Mix #01
  • Kpop 2018 Infie/Folk Mix #01
  • March 2018 Mix (If its already april)

If…..the answer is that they are not giving it back… I’ll reupload just the 2018 related playlist + the new ones and I’ll cross fingers so people find my channel again…

Well, that’s it for now, the next update will be the final one! Which I hope is good news.

By the way, I’m making some random lives on my temporary youtube channel, so subscribe so you can listen to them! ^^

I really will appreciate if you share anything so this can spread and people get to know the situation, I had over 30.000 subscribers, and I haven’t even reached 100, omg :_(

Bye! And have a nice weekend!


5 comentarios en “Current situation

  1. Aaaaaah, I know who you are! I’ve been following your chanell for a while now. I like the way you organize your playlist, it isn’t as heavy as other ones I know. Glad to fing you here!

    Me gusta

      1. Yeyyy!! Sorry I’m using a device thatbhas certain proboems to open links so could you just tell me the name please? I’ll search it!

        Me gusta


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