2018 Changes

Hi everyone! since I’m making some changes, I decided to make a post so you all can read them here, I will be updating this each time I upload a playlist that has a change, or if I want to point out something about it ^^

Lets go!


Monthly mixes

I am limiting this monthly mixes to 35 songs, after thinking about it I decided it was the perfect amount. The songs that are not on this playlist, will be uploaded on their the genre playlist, which I will be uploading more often

Top 25

The system I’m using is pretty simple, I give points to each position from the Top 10 Weekly chart and then the final Top is decided adding together all the points of every platform. You have all the details about this here:

On that link you have the position for every song on every chart (I’m only using Weekly Top 10) and also all the points for every song. The songs with the same amount of points I did a VS section, where you can see better which one did better, and if even with that they are the same, the one with better place will be the one with better position on the next week chart.

OST and international songs are not included

Genre’s Playlists

This include all the songs that are released (well, almost, since there are somes I can’t find) divided by genre, that is:






For the genre selection I use melon as guide, unless I see that I song fits better another genre. For example, BTS – Spring Day is labeled as Rap-Hip/Hop but I think it fits better on the soul playlist.

All playlist (excluding ballads) will have 20 songs. Ballads playlist will have 35

Dance playlists will be mixed up (not too much, just enough for it to be balanced) and the rest will be mostly chronologically. Since I will uploading them often, you won’t see a January song with a October one.

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