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0:00 Here We Come (intro)
4:24 So Cool
7:43 Naughty Hands feat. Verbal Jint
11:14 Give It To Me
14:34 Holiday
18:09 Hold On Tight
22:02 Shady Girl
25:13 Crying
28:34 Sistar19 – Ma Boy
31:49 I Hate Weak Men
34:47 LONELY
38:12 Lead Me
41:49 SoYou, Kwon Jung Yeol – Lean On Me
45:19 Yeah Yeah
49:08 Loving U
52:44 New World
56:05 Sistar, Giorgio Moroder – One More Day
59:36 Hyolyn, Changmo – BLUE MOON (Prod. GroovyRoom)
01:02:51 Hot Place Feat. Brave Sound
01:06:11 Soyou, Junggigo – Some feat. Lil boi (Geeks)
01:09:39 Bad Boy feat. Mad Clown
01:13:39 FOR YOU
01:17:15 Push Push
01:20:20 OK GO!
01:23:31 Bad Boy
01:27:01 Hyolyn, Jooyoung – Erase feat. Iron
01:30:46 Say I Love You
01:33:50 I Swear
01:37:46 We Never Go Alone
01:40:19 How Dare You
01:43:22 The Way You Make Me Melt
01:46:56 Touch my body
01:50:19 Don’t Be Such a Child feat. Giriboy
01:54:03 Alone
01:57:24 No Mercy
02:00:42 I Like That



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