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Songs that were TOP 10 on Digital Weekly Charts (melon, genie, bugs). I’m using the full top 10, that means that if a song from January is still on march, I will also include it on the March playlist, I will add any songs, from whatever year/month as long as it was on the top 10 at least once.
Not including: OST (because of copyright)

Song list

0:00 Red Velvet – Rookie
3:10 Zion.T – Complex (feat. G-DRAGON)
10:20 CHEEZE – Love You(bye)
13:54 Dynamic Duo, Chen (EXO) – nosedive
17:37 BTS – Spring Day
22:08 AKMU – Last Goodbye
26:49 Zion.T – The Song
30:21 Mad Clown – Lost Without You) Feat. bolbbalgan4
33:54 TWICE – Knock Knock
37:08 Bolbbalgan4 – Tell Me You Love Me
40:28 Zion.T – Sorry feat. Beenzino
43:30 Hwang Chiyeul, Seulgi(Red Velvet) – Our Story feat. Kassy
46:43 Block B – Yesterday

Not included because of copyright:
DEAN – come over ft. Yerin Baek


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