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씨스타(Sistar) 2010-2016 Playlist 재생 목록 58m



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This is the last individual playlist I make with the patreon thing since I deleted it and Sistar was the last group to be suggested. Now I’ll make Playlist of Groups/Artist that I want or that you suggest ^^ I will upload the full playlists on my web and not here because 1) I have more freedom with the copyright thing, since there a lot of old songs with copyright issues, and 2) because in that way it’s easier for me to edit the playlist if the group release a new song

Song list:

0:00 Touch my body | TOUCH N MOVE (2014)

3:24 가식걸(Shady Girl) | 가식걸(Shady Girl) (2010)

6:36 Loving U (러빙유) | Loving U (2012)

10:12 너무 야해 (The Way You Make Me Melt) feat. 긱스(Geeks) | Give It To Me (2013)

13:46 I Swear | SWEET & SOUR (2014)

17:41 Push Push | Push Push (2010)

20:45 Give It To Me | Give It To Me (2013)

24:07 애처럼 굴지마(Don’t Be Such a Baby) feat. 기리보이(Giriboy) | Shake It (2015)

27:48 Lead Me | ALONE (2012)

31:26 나쁜손 (Naughty Hands) feat. 버벌진트(Verbal Jint) | TOUCH N MOVE (2014)

34:57 Shake It | Shake It (2015)

38:22 Yeah Yeah | 몰아애(Insane Love) (2016)

42:11 니까짓게(How Dare You) |니까짓게(How Dare You) (2010)

45:14 So Cool (쏘쿨) | So Cool (2011)

48:32 Crying | Give It To Me (2013)

51:54 나혼자 (Alone) | ALONE (2012)

55:16 I Like That | 몰아애(Insane Love) (2016)

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