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Need help with Kpop songs categories/themes


I made a post on Onehallyu about this, maybe it’s easier for you to comment there, or also you can send me a tweet ^^ or comment here, where you want!

At the beginning on this year, I started doing themed mixes, I did cute/catchy girl group mix and also intense/powerful boy group mix, the playlist were made of 15 songs

Now I want to go on doing this themed mixes but I’m making them longer, so I’m creating the themes with more kind of themes that go well together, the ones I have so far are:

  • Type 1: fun and fresh songs
  • Type 2: cute, innocent songs
  • Type 3: powerful, badass, epic, cool, tecno songs
  • Type 4: retro, funky, vocal songs
  • Type 5: dark, mistery, adventure feeling, reggae songs (basically, that kind of different song)
  • Type 6: Light, chill, ballad songs

SOOOO I thought this categories would fit any kpop songs, but today I was listening to Secret – Poison and I thought “hmmm where would I fit this song?”

I thought Type 4, but I’m not sure.

This made me realize that there is a kind of girl group song that could fit a sexy songs themed playlist (AOA – like a cat/miniskirt/bing bing, Sistar – Alone, After School – Flashback, etc) BUT, of course, there aren’t enough to be a type by theirself, so my question is where would you fit this kind of songs?

If it’s a light song I could just add it on the Type 6 theme, but for instance, Secret – Poison or AOA – Bing Bing are kinda upbeat, but not enough to be on type 3, and also is not that vocal to be on type 4.

I think I’m lacking a type where this songs and also songs like Miss A – Good-bye Baby fit, but I don’t know what kind of type is that kind of song, its like the neutral kpop song?

By the way, what do you think of type 4? Lol I added vocal because a lot of songs with good vocals on it are a bit retro



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