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My channel was deleted TT



So…. I was afraid it may happen and it happened, man, I am so upset…. All those videos…. 11.000 subscribers, 200.000 views on my August Mix, omg… well, I’ll try to take this the best I can.

I guess I need some time to figure out what I am doing now because I would like to keep this going, I made this channel as soon as I knew the other one was deleted to let you guys know

The people who requested on the Kpop Underrated songs, I have already wrote down all your suggestions, so don’t worry, I have that covered.

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter so you can cry with me! lol

2 comentarios en “My channel was deleted TT”

  1. Oh, it’s a pity! :( I was wondered why I couldn’t find your channel and all the videos on YouTube this morning. I was still listening to it last night TT Maybe you should talk to YouTube to restore back your channel.

    You have done awesome playlists these years and I’m with you all the way. Fighting!

    Me gusta

    1. thank you! I already try to do something and make them restore but It’s impossible. I really liked to have the full playlist on youtube because it’s easier to find and listen but I can’t anymore, I dont want this to happen again >< so I'll just upload a preview of some songs on the youtube channel and the full playlist will be here. At least I'm glad you all are finding me! :D

      Me gusta


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