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Rookies 2016 | Kpop Girl & Boy Groups [Playlist + Complete list]

About the playlist

This is a playlist made of all the boy and girl groups that debuted on 2016, to make it I used their most popular song.

I didn’t include ALL the debuts, pre-debut projects (like K.A.R.D and Loona) are also not included

The groups added are the ones I saw that made more an official debut. I checked if they debuted on stage (mcountdown, music core, etc), if they released an album and promoted, etc. I did it like this because there are a lot of groups that release a digital single with no music video, or maybe they release a MV and don’t promote, or they sing the song on weird places lol (yeah, I saw some weird stuff).

If I missed some group, I’m sorry >.< please let me know so I can at least add it here :)

Rookies 2016 COMPLETE LIST

Complete list for the girl and boy groups that debuted on 2016 + their debut title

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