Kpop Mix | Powered Rookies (2014-2016)

The mix was made with songs of groups that have debuted on 2014-2016 but, since the concept is POWERED ROOKIES, is for that groups that have worked harder, that meaning (for the concept of this mix ofc), that they have had more comebacks.

1) The Girl/Boy group debuted on 2014, 2015 or 2016
2) If they debuted on 2014, they must have released debut song + they have made at least 3 comebacks
3) If they debuted on 2015, they must have released debut song + they have made at least 2 comebacks
4) If they debuted on 2016, they must have released debut song + they have made at least 1 comeback
5) For them to be on the list, the comeback must be a new album/mini album/single that they have promoted at least on three music shows
deadline 2016.09.30

Suggested groups: Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, Gfriend, Sonamoo, Red Velvet, Up10tion, Seventeen, Monsta X, 4TEN, I.O.I, KNK, Mamamoo, Astro, GOT7, DIA, NCT, WJSN.

Suggested groups that didn’t meet the conditions:
Twice: they need 1 more comeback
Pledis Girlz: they have just the debut song
iKon: they need 1 more comeback, since they didnt promote #WYD
blackpink: they just have debut

The groups were suggested here and here

Since I didn’t wanted to use all the songs of each group, for the groups that had more than five songs I picked three title songs (debut, one at the middle or the one at the middle and the last one)

For group with less than five songs I picked two title songs (debut and the last one)

(There are some exceptions)

Finally, I had to check out all the groups suggested to see if they meet the conditions, so here you have the complete list with their debuts + promoted comebacks and also some comments ^^


  • 14.01.20 GOT7 미니앨범 1집 `Got it?` Title: Girls Girls Girls
  • 14.06.23 GOT♡ Title: A
  • 14.11.18 Identify Title: 하지하지마 (Stop Stop It)
  • 15.07.13 Just right Title: 딱 좋아 (Just right)
  • 15.09.29 MAD Title: 니가 하면 (If You Do)
  • 16.03.21 FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE Title: Fly
  • 16.09.27 FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE Title: Hard Carry

My original idea was to use Girls Girls Girls, Just right and Hard Carry but because of copyright I couldn’t use neither Girls Girls Girls nor A, so I used Stop Stop It


  • 14.06.18 HELLO Title: Mr.애매모호 (Mr. Ambiguous)
  • 14.11.21 Piano Man Title: Piano Man
  • 15.04.02 AHH OOP! (아훕!)
  • 15.06.19 Pink Funky Title: 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh)
  • 16.01.29 I Miss You | 16.02.12 1cm의 자존심 (Taller Than You)*
  • 16.02.26 Melting Title: 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re The Best)

Mamamoo has A LOT of digital singles that they don’t actually go to shows and promote, I’m counting here just the ones that they have promoted (I know this is one of the conditions but I just wanted to make it clear in this specific case)

레드벨벳(Red Velvet)

  • 14.08.04 The 1st Single `행복 (Happiness)`
  • 14.10.13 Be Natural Single Be Natural (Feat. SR14B `TAEYONG (태용)`)
  • 15.03.17 The 1st Mini Album `Ice Cream Cake` Title: Ice Cream Cake, Automatic
  • 15.09.09 The Red – The 1st Album Title: Dumb Dumb
  • 16.03.17 The Velvet – The 2nd Mini Album Title: 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights)
  • 16.09.07 Russian Roulette – The 3rd Mini Album Title: 러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)

러블리즈 (Lovelyz)

  • 14.11.17 Girls’ Invasion Title: Candy Jelly Love
  • 15.03.03 Hi~ Title: 안녕 (Hi~)
  • 15.10.01 Lovelyz8 Title: Ah-Choo
  • 15.12.07 Lovelinus Title: 그대에게 (For You)
  • 16.04.25 A New Trilogy Title: Destiny (나의 지구)


  • 14.08.26 토네이도 (Tornado)
  • 15.01.05 왜 이래 (Why)
  • 15.07.03 살살해 (Go Easy)
  • 16.02.23 JACK OF ALL TRADES Title: 지독하게 (Severely)


  • 14.12.29 Deja vu Title: Deja vu
  • 15.07.20 Cushion Title Cushion
  • 16.06.29 넘나 좋은 것 Title: 넘나 좋은 것 (I Like U Too Much)

Sonamoo was suggested asking me if since their debut is on 14.12.29 it could be count as 2015 and I thought that it was totally ok ^^

여자친구 (GFRIEND)

  • 15.01.15 여자친구 1st Mini Album `Season Of Glass` Title: 유리구슬 (Glass Bead)
  • 15.07.23 여자친구 2nd Mini Album `Flower Bud` Title: 오늘부터 우리는 (Me gustas tu)
  • 16.01.25 여자친구 3rd Mini Album `SNOWFLAKE` Title: 시간을 달려서 (Rough)
  • 16.07.11 여자친구 The 1st Album `LOL` Title: 너 그리고 나 (NAVILLERA)

오마이걸(OH MY GIRL)

  • 15.04.20 Oh My Girl Title: Cupid
  • 15.10.08 Closer Title: Closer
  • 16.03.28 Pink Ocean Title: Liar Liar
  • 16.05.26 Windy Day Title: Windy Day
  • 16.08.01 내 얘길 들어봐 Title: 내 얘길 들어봐 (A-ing) (Feat. 스컬&하하) Listen to my word(A-ing)(Feat. SKULL&HAHA)

몬스타엑스 (Monsta X)

  • 15.05.14 TRESPASS Title: 무단침입 (Trespass)
  • 15.09.07 RUSH Title: 신속히 (RUSH)
  • 15.10.22 RUSH DIGITAL REPACKAGE `HERO` Title: Hero
  • 16.05.18 THE CLAN pt.1 `LOST` Title: 걸어 (All in)

I counted until 2016.09.30 that’s why their last song was not included

세븐틴 (Seventeen)

  • 15.05.29 SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album `17 CARAT` Title: 아낀다 (Adore U)
  • 15.09.10 SEVENTEEN 2nd Mini Album `BOYS BE` Title: 만세
  • 16.04.25 1집 SEVENTEEN 1ST ALBUM [FIRST `LOVE & LETTER`] Title: 예쁘다
  • 16.07.04 Love&Letter Repackage Album Title: 아주 NICE (Very Nice)


  • 15.09.11 一級秘密 (일급비밀) Top Secret Title: 위험해 (SO, DANGEROUS)
  • 15.11.27 BRAVO! Title: 여기여기 붙어라 (Catch me!)
  • 16.04.18 SPOTLIGHT Title: 나한테만 집중해 (Attention)
  • 16.08.05 Summer go! Title: 오늘이 딱이야  (Tonight)


  • 15.09.15 Do It Amazing Title: 왠지 (Somehow)
  • 15.10.20내 친구의 남자친구 (My Friend’s Boyfiend) Title: 내 친구의 남자친구 (My Friend’s Boyfriend) feat. Joosuc
  • 16.06.14 HAPPY ENDING Title: 그길에서 (On The Road)
  • 16.09.13 Spell Title: Mr Potter


  • 16.02.23 Spring Up Title: 숨바꼭질 (HIDE&SEEK)
  • 16.07.01 Summer Vibes Title: 숨가빠 (Breathless)

우주 소녀 (WJSN) Cosmic Girls

  • 16.02.25 WOULD YOU LIKE? Title: MoMoMo (모모모)
  • 16.08.17 THE SECRET Title: 비밀이야 (Secret)

(크나큰) KNK

  • 16.03.03 크나큰 1st Single Album `KNOCK` Title: Knock
  • 16.06.02 AWAKE Title: Back Again


  • NCT U 16.04.09일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense) (Sung by 태용, 마크, 재현, 도영, 텐)
  • NCT U 16.04.10 WITHOUT YOU (Sung by 재현, 도영, 태일)
  • NCT 127 16.07.10 NCT #127 – The 1st Mini Album Title: 소방차 (Fire Truck)
  • NCT Dream 16.08.29 Chewing Gum

I had a lot of headaches with NCT since they are a rare kpop group based in subunits. I decided that it was ok to include them and also I added all the 3 songs, one for each subunit because if I used only 2 (NCT U and NCT Dream) there are members of NCT 127 that wouldn’t have been included.

아이오아이 (I.O.I)

  • 16.05.04 아이오아이 (I.O.I) 1st Mini Album `Chrysalis` Title: Dream Girls
  • 16.08.09 Whatta Man (Good man)

This one is also a rare group, so I counted the subunit as I.O.I since they not even have a different name


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